Sunday, January 31, 2016

13 Things Moms Can Do to Feel More Rockstar-ish

I know so many moms who are going through rough times right now, stressed to the max, feeling overwhelmed, lost, (even some of my married friends). They all know I have been there myself and I will tell you these are some of the things that have gotten me to a better place:

1. Yoga (first thing you do everyday, or most days, in front of a window, I recommend Tone It Up (YouTube).

2. Deep Focus playlist on Spotify (listen to it during yoga, while your working, doing homework, meditating, etc.).

3. Find a job that pays you enough to live the life you want. If the one you have right now doesn't, keep looking. 

4. Buy a house half the price of what you think you can afford.

5. Let someone babysit your kids once every two weeks or so, even if it costs you $20-40.

6. Read something everyday (I alternate between self-help & novels).

7. Find a group of friends (or just one friend) and schedule dinner at least once a month (preferably at a winery!)

8. Find a good therapist. They're worth the money. 

9. Watch tv/Netflix/a movie (not the news!) after you put your kids to bed, even if it's just 30 minutes & even if you're tired.

10. Take your kids on play dates so you and the other mom(s) can see that you're not the only one being driven crazy.

11. Write. Keep a journal or start a blog. It doesn't matter if anyone else reads it. It's for you. If you don't express your feelings in a healthy way, you will keep feeling the way you're feeling.

12. Be selfish sometimes. Even if you feel guilty doing something for yourself, you will be a better mother/wife/person after you take care of yourself! 

13. Keep being a rockstar. Regardless of how you feel sometimes, you ARE rocking it. 🤘🏼

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