This is where you can find links to information, research, resources and ideas on autism and parenting. Anything I find relevant, helpful, and valid I will share with you! I hope to eventually have enough resources pulled together so that you can find everything you need here in one place.

If you are just starting your autism journey:
Learn the Signs of Autism
Video Glossary (Video Clips Illustrating Typical and Delayed Development)
M-CHAT (A Checklist to Help You Determine if a Professional Should Evaluate Your Child)
100 Day Kit (First 100 Days Toolkit for ages 4 and under)
100 Day Kit for School Aged Children (First 100 Days Toolkit for ages 5 and over)

Helpful Organizations:
OCALI - Autism Internet Modules
Autism Speaks
Autism Society of America
Autism Society of Ohio
Autism Society of Northwest Ohio
The Ability Center of Greater Toledo
Ohio Early Intervention-Help Me Grow (3 and under)
Oklahoma Early Intervention-Sooner Start (3 and under)
If your child is over 3 years old, contact your local public school district!

Our Favorite Interventions:
You might not recognize all of these as "interventions" technically speaking. This is because my kids and I find "interventions in all that we do. Of course, the usual speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, etc. are always recommended. But included in this list are some ideas you may not have necessarily heard of before, but I feel that they benefit my kids on many levels.
PLAY Project (Play therapy)
Riders Unlimited, Inc. (Equine therapy)
The Incredible 5-Point Scale
Pop-Up Adventure Play

My Favorite Blogs:
Quirks and Chaos
The Mighty
Scary Mommy
Autism Daddy
Ramblings of a Special Mom

IEP Goal Examples:

Other Resources:

GizmoPal GPS Device

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